Beer check during the “running” portion of trail


Our two “virgins” came back to hash with us again!


On after at Holly’s Deli (we love this place, they put up with us)


Clam joined us for the on after! (should have taken more pictures of the actual float…)


WHERE: Riverview Park in Charlottesville. Corner of Riverside Ave. and Chesapeake St.

**Trail & the float will be A-A, so the float will end at Riverview Park (the beginning location). PLEASE CARPOOL IF POSSIBLE**

BRING: $5 hash cash, your favorite inflatable object to float on, swimsuit and hash shoes (or cashews), sunblock and sun protection gear! PLEASE be discreet with your alcohol drinking. This means bring a vessel and/or coozies.

The plan is to start with a short trail with a beer stop, which will meet upriver where we will inflate tubes (bring air compressors, etc if you have them!) and have snacks and a few beers. The float down the river should take about 2 hours. We can do circle at the on-after. (Lazy assholes who want to miss a beer stop can message me to get the floating start location.)
Hare(s) will provide 2 beer stops (one on trail and one on the float) and pre-float snacks. Bring a cooler if you want anything in addition to this.We will have a tube vehicle to carry your shit to the beginning of the float portion.

On after: most likely Holly’s Deli!

RSVP TO THE EVENT ON FACEBOOK SO I CAN GET A GOOD HEAD(!) COUNT! (If you’re not a member, request to be part of the cHARLOTtesville Hash house harriers group!)

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