Trail Feb 21st – Mcintire park!!!!

SO its Seaman Services’ Birth Day and like any good hash daughters, Aunt Mildred Eater and I have called a trail to celebrate her exit from her mom’s nether regions.

What: Trail 561
When: Sunday, Feb 21st, at 2PM
Where: Mcintire park!!!!
What to bring: $5, virgins, shiggy socks, a hug for the birthday girl, and questions to ask Aunt Mildred Eater so we can give her a name.
Who: Aunt Mildred Eater and Heavy Petting Zoo
Why: Because Seaman will definitely 100% get in her birthday suit, with or without her clothes on on top
Theme: Wear something Seaman woudl like. I hear she likes a CERTAIN FOOTBALL TEAM, kombucha, Crossfit, pizza, and blood vessels
WELCOME OUR NEWEST NAMED HARLOT! Aunt Mildred Eater is now Mountain Dew Me!

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