Mustank Sally On Out! 1/9/16

What/Hares: Must Stank (on out) By The Head (just Melissa) 1st trail!
Time: Sat 1/9/15 at 2 Pee em
Hash Cash: $5
Shiggy: Perfect 5/10
Distance: 3-4
Location: Put in your google machine-

Correction: 2000 paddock wood road! Look for trail marks. You’ll find us… Driveway across from St. Andrews church/cemetery 👻

Look for flour on the road to the drive way.

Parking- this is private property, please respect it. Once pulling in (giggity) you’ll see flour to follow to an area for parking. Do not park on green grass only dead.

Extra Info:
Come one cum all to an exciting trail as By The Head (just Melissa) hares her first trail and I say goodbye! We have some great shiggy and great beer to drink! It is about a 25 minute drive East from Charlottesville, about 45 from Richmond (RH3FUG).

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