Pirate Hash, Sunday Sept. 20th

Arrr me beauties. Come out n’ celebrate the International Talk Like A Pirate Day with Capt Al’de Weighin and his First Mate Handy
Who: The Bildge Rats and Beer Wenches of the cHARLOTESville H3
What: A Pirate Expidition of Yar tails yet to be told
When: Tweeenteheth of September be meetn’ at Two Bells after High Noon (Sept 20, 2015 2:00 PM)
Where: 4105 Lewis and Clark Drive, Charlottesville VA 22911
Why: To quench your thurst for adventure on the High Seas (likely with Heavy Seas Beers)
How Much: Just 1 Gold Doubloon – but if ya an’t got one of dem a’round the $5 US Dollars will suffice 

Trail be circumnavigating it’s way back to where’n it began if’n the Capt can survive the treacherous waters and bring us back to port alive (A to A)! There will be a trail for the lollygagen landlubbers whos can’t take the perils of the jungles and black deep waters (Walkers), and well as a path for hearty soles who do not mind a little adventure (Runners). There will be Grog (Rum concoction) and Beer on both trails.

Save your Fancy dress for if ya return and haven’t been claimed by Davey Jones Himself. Wearing anything on the journey that you mind getting shredded or bilge rot on would just be foolhardy. There will be a special treasure for the best pirate rags at the end festivities.ruming hash

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