Trail 542 Saturday June 20th


Fanny Packed is laying trail for her bday!
Co hare is Candy ASS
Trail 541
Saturday June 20th
This is the cHARLOTtesville edition of the JUGGALO AWARENESS TRAIL!! Facepaint will be provided or you can come in hatchet face. Lets run around cville yelling “whoop whoop” and drinking Faygo shots.

Trail will be a pub crawl, so no hash cash. Just bring $$ for the bars

Gather at 12 PM for face painting, circle up 12:30
Start is at Fanny Packed’s pad. 109 West Water Street, Charlottesville. Apt 8
A to A
Call Zoo (5866510760), Fanny, or Ass Juices to get in (cause her buzzer is broken)
ON AFTER IS FANNY’S BDAY PARTY! (nude optional) which is BYOB and will include some kind of wrestling in slimy stuff. If you would like crash space in Cville, Ask a Harlot!

FOR THE RECORD: Candy Ass is now known as Trannysaurus Sex

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