Hash Social Saturday! Derby Dames Bout

Hey Harlots,

Smalls to the Wall (my wife Meg) has put the Harlots “on the list” for this weekend’s Derby Dames bout. This means anyone saying “I’m with Pussy Snorkel”  – though really any kind of vulgarity at the front door will do – gets a dollar off admission. This saved dollar can be used for any number of things: buying four gum balls, starting a fire, snorting pixie stix out of how i pet your brother’s navel, or even placing a long distance phone call in the 90s.
Hope to see you there.
What: Cville Derby Dames Bout
Where: Main Street Arena (Downtown – Ice Rink)
When: Sat. May 2. Doors @ 6, Bout @ 7
djd (aka (cat on a broken string of hot pink…) loose nuts)10511505_944351948943391_9133976350705567899_o

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