Hash 530 Tidewater Charity Invasion

11100346_10102047170630533_1844861004603103069_n11136685_10102047170495803_3485762446452712308_n11095031_10102047169961873_1894782239475352461_n1508517_10102433987711166_657026371612502580_n 11156339_10102047171443903_9200869303421635403_n 11154679_10102047171893003_8237549457393559385_oHowdy wankers, Trail on April 11th will be in Tidewater VA. BUT its still a Harlot trail because our own Fanny Packed is the Hare! Deets below. If you would like to carpool, comment here, comment on Facebook, or message the list!

Because I want to show my hometown some hash love, I’ve decided to hare a trail in Virginia Beach where a percentage of the hash cash directly goes to an excellent local charity called “An Achievable Dream”.

Theme: Since we are running for a charity that gives at risk children a better education, I’ve chosen the theme of SCHOOL PRIDE! Wear any college, highs coo,l or elementary school attire!

When: Saturday, April 11th 1:00pm

Where: Trail will be A-B and will start in the Great Neck Recreation Center (Parking Lot)
Trail will end in my dad’s neighborhood at a PRIVATE DOCK AND BEACH reserved all day for us! I kindly ask that you refrain from any nudity or incredibly obscene behavior (butt touching and eye fucking acceptable). Food and Alcohol will be provided.

Hash Cash: $8.00. I know this might be a little pricey, but I’m trying to raise as much money as possible for this terrific charity. Beyond purchasing the necessary food and alcohol for all attending hashers, every penny will be donated to “An Achievable Dream”.

This is a program that helps at risk children that live in poverty get a better education. Please watch the following video for more information about this program:

Contact either me, Bear Back Fanny Packed or Schindler’s Fist for any questions.

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