Hash 528 SUNDAY March 29

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Hey you wankers, wanna drink some beer? wanna explore less savory parts of our fair city that you never wanted to see? wanna (possibly) see some boobies?

Well if you’ve got $5 and answered YES to any of those questions, I’ve got a trail for you!
Hash # 528
When: Sunday March 29th, 2:69 Pee Em
Where: Quarry Park, on Quarry Rd. off of Route 20, Charlottesville, VA
Who: Your hares for this lovely jaunt will be the bodacious Plan B and the vivacious Heavy Petting Zoo
Why: CAUSE NANTUCKET BUTTERFINGERS on TRAIL! Expect some of the brown stuff (pudding, mud, beer). Expect some water, expect some shiggy, expect that someone will come sleep in your car while you are on trail
What to bring:
-shiggy socks
-dry cashews
-$5 to pay your favorite hoes
-a vessel
Heavy Petting Zoo

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