HASH 527 March TuTu (22nd)


Listen up wankers, the last couple urban jaunts have been fun, but now it’s time to get a little shiggy back in your lives!

What: Hash #527 – Tutu Much Shiggy (It’s the 22nd, so wear a tutu)
Hares: Plan B and Green Nuts & Ham
When: Sunday, March 22nd, hares away at 2:69 pee.em. (3:09 for muggles)
Where: McIntire Park, Picnic shelter #2, look for the assholes in tutus.
Why: Why the hell not? But mostly because you’ll have first dibs on the sweet new SHIGGY SOCKS! Yay Bribery!
Other shit you need to know: Bring virgins, IDs, $5 hash cash, and a dry bag! Oh, and don’t forget your TUTU!!!

Questions? Hit up Plan B or Green

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