The Harlots take on Free Beer #10!

This weekend, a bunch of trouble hunting Harlots found their way up to Mechanicsburg, PA for the 10th (and last) Free Beer For All The Hashers.  We managed to shoulder our way through an epic trail, a giant table of alcohol, and quite a few of those free beers while catching up with hashers from all over the States. We also learned a few important lessons:

1. Stuff’d has to run trail in shorts. He is trying to tan his legs and in the meantime we should all admire the vampire like whiteness.

2. Fanny Packed is an amazing hash horn player. In addition to looking exactly like Miles Davis when she blows, she also moonlights as a sexy playboy bunny.

3. We need to come up with some longer hash songs. If you stop at verse 50 of “Jesus Can’t Go Hashing” you aren’t doing it right.

4. Do not , no matter how clean and refreshing it looks after the hasher-soup hot tub, get into the frozen water kiddie pool with Hot Tub H3.

5. Don’t get in the hot tub.

6. Drinking multiple shots of nameless whiskey is a great way to spend an evening.

7. Strangers that live in abandoned factories have the best candy.

Please feel free to add any lessons I should have learned in the comments.

On-travel hash-On,

Heavy Petting Zoo

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