Hash 515, September 24th

Hey harlots!

so, I know we have unofficially already switched from Wednesday trails to sunday, but September 24th marks my 1 year anniversary of hashing!

when: Wednesday, September 24th at 6:30 pm.
where: the giant chalk “freedom wall” by city hall downtown
Why: ITZ MAH BIRFDAY (1 year hash birthday)

details: bring ID and cash for bars. I wanna make this a fat lazy bar hopping trail since it is a Wednesday night and starting to get darker.

WHAT TO WEAR: my first trail was a 1700s white wigs colonial theme, so this time, I want us all to dress like it’s 2414. LOOK AS FUTURISTIC AS POSSIBLE! I’ll buy you a shot if you wear tin foil on your head throughout the entire trail!

there will be a shot check in a more discrete area during the trail, but plan on bar hopping for the most part.



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