Hash 512 Wednesday 8/27/14

At Champion brewery

At Champion brewery

Kiddie uses the inversion table, but Seaman can do a real handstand #beast

Kiddie uses the inversion table, but Seaman can do a real handstand #beast


Hey you, yeah I’m talking to you big boy, the guy with the muddy shoes, haggard expression, and puke stained shirt. It looks like you need a break! Well, how about a nice relaxing trail???
I hear y’all got a workout at Kiddie’s beer mile (or rather your livers got a workout) and are in need of a little TLC.
So lets do a little leisurely drinking and visit C’ville’s newest brewery!

WAT: a “gentle” Zoo trail, no swimming across raging torrents or climbing through cow skeletons. I promise.
WHEN: Wednesday, August 27th, gather at 6:30 PeeEM
WHERE: C’ville-ian Brewing Company 705 W Main St, Charlottesville, VA 22903
(I suggest you park at Star Hill park)
WHY: Cause we haven’t done a city trail in awhile and Wednesday is a drinking day.
WHO: Hares are Heavy Petting Zoo and Atlantic Pity
WHAT ELSE: This is my two year hashy birthday so there will be a couple alcoholic surprises on trail. Wear your most retarded, funny, or inappropriate tshirt. Except for Stuff’d; if he shows up with his man-titties covered I’m ripping it off. Bring virgins and some cash for the brewer(ies). No hash cash.
ON-AFTER: Wild Wing Cafe (tentative)
QUESTIONS?: Just come already, it will be fun! or sext Zoo

Stuff’d N Cuff’d


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