#498 Hash Sunday, March 30th

*** Dry Bag needed today.

Hey you, yes YOU! Git your ass on trail this Sunday as we gear up for our 500th trail.
WHAT: a trail, y’know where you meet up with 10 of your closest friends and wander drunk through the woods wearing funny hats, which brings me to….
THEME: wear a funny hat, or your hair, depending on what looks better
WHEN: Sunday the 30th of March, 3 PeeEM
HARES: you know its trouble when your hares are Heavy Petting Zoo and BearBack FannyPacked
WHERE: Rives Park, cHARLOTtesville (its off Rives St, which runs between Monticello Rd. and Nassau St.
BRING: VESSELS, $5 cash to pay your ‘ho, good looking virgins for the hares to defile, your best Dr. Seuss hat, shiggy socks
ON-AFTER: tentatively Beer Run

Stuff’d N Cuff’d

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