Hash Saturday 3/1/14

Alright wankers. I guess I’m laying trail tomorrow. I guess there is some local basketball team (I think people call them The Who’s?) playing tomorrow at 4pm, so it has been requested that I lay trail early enough to allow people to watch the game. Heres the details:

When: Saturday, March 1, 12:30pm.
Hare away NLT 12:45, so all you late cummers better be ready to find the trail by yourself.

Where: Chris Greene Lake Park, meet in the parking lot just past the dam
What: 2-3 mile trail, possible stream crossing, 2-3 beverage checks
Why: Don’t ask stupid questions.

Bring $5 hash cash, virgins, etc. You know the deal.

Call/text me at (803)840-1716 If you need directions, if you are running late, or if you just want to talk sexy to me.

Pussy Snorkle


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