Hash Sunday 2/2/14

When: Sunday Feb. 2nd, Meet at 1:30 PeeEM, hares away 1:40ish
Where. Durty Nellies pub, the corner of JPA/Fontaine Ave. and Maury.
What: SUPER BOWL HASH!!!! Try to show a little team spirit.
Hares: Heavy Petting Zoo and Fornicating-(needs a name)-After-5
On-After: HPZ’s house, 108 Clarke Court, #2. Its across the street from Durty Nellies. I will make some chili and cornbread. Either bring food to share, beer, or $5 extra.
On-On-After: Game Day Bar & Grill to WATCH THE GAME!!! Its next to Durty Nellies.
Feel free to come to everything or just the On-On-After if you are a lazy ass who is too chicken to run in the cold. We should get to get to Game Day around 5:45.
Bring: Dry bag, $5 hash cash, cute virgins, and something for the On-After.
Contact: HPZ, 586-651-0760, sexi pics only, plzkthnks


Stuff’d N Cuff’d

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