Hash #489 – Sunday January 5th – Happy New Beer!

What: First hash of the new year! Hash #489.
When: Sunday, January 5th. Gather at 2, Hares away at 2:19
Where: Corner of Whitewood rd. & Hydraulic ridge rd., Charlottesville, VA. There’s a parking lot there, look for the people dressed like idiots.
Who: Hare’s will be Triple Penetration and Green Nuts & Ham
What else: It’s almost become a CHHH tradition to have Baby New Year join us on the first trail of the year. Whoever dresses up, and does trail, as Baby New Year, can skip hash cash. Stuff’d n Cuff’d can give you some pointers if you aren’t sure what to wear. The rest is the same as always, bring $5 hash cash, a vessel, and virgins. This will be an A to B trail so you may want to bring a warm/dry bag for the end.

Green Nuts & Ham


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