Saturday 28th Tidewater Invasion Hash

So we had a very good wanker(oxymoron) that has setup and will lay a trail for these coastal flat-landers and he is doing a themed hash.

What: Hash #481ish Powered Wig and Colonial Garb
Who: Balltease Falcon
Where: Saunder-Monticello Trail bottom lot at corner of Rt 20 and 53
When: Sept 28th 2.59pm
Why: Because a Harlot has stepped to lay a trail for you and the visitors. and you get to run in your wig and triangle hat and wave to the foreigners as they visit TJ’s grave.
Other things you should know: Bring Virgins; Bring ID and hash cash $5.

The Nations Fathers

Stuff’d N Cuff’d

One thought on “Saturday 28th Tidewater Invasion Hash

  1. Balltease Falcon says:

    BTF here: I still have a cooler full of beer here. I’ve been keeping it on ice so someone needs to stop by and pick it up or drink it. I can host a circle and bonfire Wednesday-Friday.

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