Hash 471 Wednesday 19th

So, as I was about to send out an e-mail for shiggyfest 2013 I remembered that I’m working until 6 the next couple of weeks, so due to a lack of time to prepare a proper shiggytastic trail after work I’ve opted for a pickup hash. Trail will be A-A and the new CHHH shirts should be in so bring your cash.

What: Hash #471 Pickup Hash, as in pickup yo shit…i mean shirt.
When: Wednesday, June 19th 6:36 Pee.M.
Where: St. Maarten’s Cafe (corner of Wertland and 14th St.)
Why: Because Wednesday is a ____ day! Is everybody happy?!
Hares: whoever draws the short straw?
Other stuff: Bring $5 hash cash, virgins, vessels, clean underwear, and a #2 pencil.
Questions: text/call Green 434 996 8one2niner

Green Nuts & Ham

Stuff’d N Cuff’d

3 thoughts on “Hash 471 Wednesday 19th

  1. Taint no Savior says:

    if you want to trek to richmond instead!

    Hares: Taint No Savior, Tied Up and Dubbel Stuffed

    Start Location: In the rear…of the Virginia Center Commons Mall, by the Comfort Suites. Look for a group of wanks loading up on ivy-block, technu, and booze.

    What to bring: 5$ for trail, virgins to deflower, vessels to cradle the nectar of the gods, shiggy socks (it’s a ‘tainted trail), technu, and most definitely a dry bag for on-after festivities. Head-lamps (you will want one!)

    Other: Shiggy of 3-4 (out of 5), water is waist high, no horrors, and only bring pooches if they can take the wilderness.

    Hare notes: Trail will not have deathly levels of poison ivy (unless you’re Tied Up), but there will be water and mud on trail. Possibly a turtle or two. We should be in before dark, but you never know if you’re going to crawl through a tunnel or something.

    8=====D ~~

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