Hash 470 Wednesday 12th

Falcon here….

What- Hash

When- Wednesday June 12th at 6:30pm.

Where- 2483 Proffit Rd. To get there: take U.S. 29 North to Polo Grounds Rd. Turn right and drive 2.6 miles to Proffit Rd. Turn left on to Proffit and drive .6 miles. Look for old red barn on right. Turn in to driveway and park along the tree line.

Hares- БТФ BallTease Falcon and Incumming

Special Instructions- Bring your own meat (BYOM) unless you want to eat cheap hotdogs. I’ll provide the grill, fire, and some condom mints. If no one wants to grill we can on after at El Jaripeo. Mmmmmm…… Negra Modelo’s…. Chips & Salsa….

Trail: Will be well marked, no private property violations, absolutely no shiggy, no YBFs, tick and poison ivy free, short, and all down hill. I promise

Call me for questions: (202) 746-five zed four four

  • Stuff’d N Cuff’d

  • 4 thoughts on “Hash 470 Wednesday 12th

    1. Ranier says:

      Hey dudes, I just moved here recently and my emerging beer gut needs toning. I figure an intense training regimen with your fine folks will do the trick. My goal is a nice party ball and eventually a pony keg. Lemme know, times a wastin’ – R

    2. Beelzebub's athletic cup says:

      If you were at the Medley, then you were probably at the on on after. Thanks for joining me in the warehouse of debauchery. See you hounds tomorrow!

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