Hash #469 June 2nd

There comes a time in every Harlot’s life when they need to refine their skills, question their motivations, wipe the extra little bit of cum off their chins, and man up to some real going down.
That time is now.  With our Pro-69 trail, we invite you to examine the traditional art of fellatio and cunnilingus in the most mutually beneficial way possible.  Feel free to dress in or bring any 69 related garb that we “know” you perverts have and get ready to get shiggy (or shaggy).  After all, although in may not meet Bill Clinton’s definition of sex, it is our definition of a good time.

Date: Sunday, June 2nd

Time: 2:69 Pee Em (just enough time to sober up and then get re-tipsy after the pig roast)

Place: meadowbrook shopping centre 1138 emmet street north. Behind the carriage food house and alc copies

Reason: Every time you say “No” to oral sex, a little bunny cries.  You don’t want to make cute little bunnies cry, right?

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