Hash Saturday Dec. 8th





Who: How I Pet my Brother and ??
What: Trail #457
Where: CATEC parking lot, 1000 East Rio Road
When: Staurday 8th, hares away at 2.53pm
Why: B/c its time you wanker Harlots get on trail that has some shiggy and we have not hash in a couple of weeks.

Other things you should know: Hash Cash $5; bring Virgins; Bring ID.

8 thoughts on “Hash Saturday Dec. 8th

  1. Pukes, Fucks, and Leaves (PFL) says:

    It’s about time you wankers have an actual hash! I moved in town 3 weeks ago and I’ve been looking forward to meeting the hash group here. I can’t wait 🙂



  2. Jonathan Larsen says:

    I had a great time Hashing with you folks this afternoon. I hope you enjoyed the taste of Grenada that I brought to the circle at the end of the Hash.

    Check out this site for the last Hash I did before getting back to Virginia.


    To the young woman (oh shucks I forgot your name) I met who recently moved to Staunton to work in Stuarts Draft, you can get in touch with me, my wife, and daughter at, jkl50@comcast.net, if you want to get to know someone on the west side of the Blue Ridge. We live in Waynesboro.

      • Santa Claus says:

        I had a great time. I should be around some this winter but will be starting my firewood cutting for next winter soon. That eats up quite a few of my Saturdays. Plus I work away from home Monday thru Thursday so the chores and details of life eat up more on the weekends. I will look at how I might set a trail over this way for sometime this winter.

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