Hash #455 Saturday – November 10th

What: Hash #455
Who: Ginger Snatch and ??
Where: Copley Rd Parking Lots beside JPJ/U-Hall
When: Saturday 10th, hares away at 7.03 pm
Why: B/c its Saturday and we have visitors that want to hash.
Other things you should know: bring $5 hash cash; bring Virgins; Bring ID, and flash light.

contact G’snatch if you cant find us, i hope he supplies contact info shortly 🙂


3 thoughts on “Hash #455 Saturday – November 10th

  1. Dingy Duck says:

    Hello! I am fairly new in Virgina from California! I currently live in Harrisonburg and would love to join a chapter around these areas. I used to run often with chapters in San Jose, CA and do have a hash name ~~ Ms. Dingy Duck! Looking forward to meeting you all this Saturday!


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