Hash Saturday March 10th










Hey Wankers!

Skipper and Kabooze will be haring this weekend.

Details- Theme “Get Whipped” hash.

Uniform- Wear white.

Gear: Bring your favorite whipping contraptions (paddles, leather, get creative!)
Hash start Time: 10:56 AM

Meeting place: Gravel lot at Darden Towe park (from 250 E/across from pantops VZW corporate store, turn on RTE 20 towards barboursville and make a left at the light. At the stop sign, make a left, go around the fountain, and park behind the softball fields)
On-After spot- Lazy Parrot

Be there, or be square….get ready to get WHIPPED!



2 thoughts on “Hash Saturday March 10th

  1. Santa Claus says:

    Let me ask my wife if I can postpone the kitchen remodel project at our house so I can go get dirty and then maybe drunk on Saturday instead.

    I seem to only get about 1 Saturday in 6 off so she say the answer is NO NO HELL NO.

    I’ll see you again another time

  2. Kiddie Muncher says:

    LOL. Well I’m sure we’ll see ya again soon. Good luck with the kitchen, I would still end up drunk one way or the other. 🙂
    On-On, Kiddie

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