Hash #425 Wednesday Aug. 10th 2011







What- Hash #425 Wednesday Aug. 10th 2011
Where- Buffalo Wild Wings (Barracks Road Shopping Center)
When- 6:41pm
Why- It’s fun
Who- Kiddie Muncher and everyone else is welcome
Details- $5 (virgins free), Bring ID’s, less shiggy this time, LOL
Questions- call or text 434-409-3157

On-On, Kiddie Muncher

2 thoughts on “Hash #425 Wednesday Aug. 10th 2011

    • Kiddie Muncher says:

      The run/jog/walk part of the hash usually lasts for an hour to two hours depending on who’s laying trail and the circle at the end usually lasts a half hour to an hour and a half depending on how much fun we’re having and how much beer is left. The beauty of a hash is they are all different and the hare can make it be whatever they want it to be. I’ve been on 20 minute hashes and I’ve been on 6 hour hashes. The simplistic answer is 3 hours… LOL On-On

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