#421 Full Moon Hash, July 15th 2011






What: Short Jhorts(jean shorts); your favorite wolf shirt and 3 ring/
striped socks

Who: Kiddie Muncher and Stuff’d N Cuff’d

Where: Fridays After Five – Downtown Mall

When: Friday July 15th, hares away at 6.69 pm

Why: B/C where else can you feel like you belong when you are in your
Jhorts,Wolf shirt, and 3 ring socks as you howl at the moon.

Other things you should know: First stop is FA5 before hares
away(BYOB); Hash Cash $5; Bring ID’s this Will Not be a pub crawl but
there may be a stop at one of the local establishments; bring Virgins

Questions call or text Kiddie at 434-409-3157

Kiddie and Stuff’d

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