Sunday Feb. 27th – CHHH Crashes Richmond H3!

Ok, so we’ve been challenged to crash the Richmond hash this coming Sunday. Details can be found at, or right here:

-///–> The cHARLOTtesville H3 Invasion -///–>

When: Sunday February 27, 2011 at 3:00 PM

Location: WestCreek Industrial Park, Goochland Farm Bureau Parking Lot. Location is formally Virginia Farm Bureau

12580 West Creek Parkway, but be careful about google maps… they aren’t quite correct with the placement of the marker. Look just NorthEast of the lake that West Creek Parkway crosses. From where Google puts the marker for this address, follow West Creek Parkway about 1mi. Clockwise and BEFORE you reach the lake, turn left into the parking lot. We will be at the BACK.

Hares: A$$le$$ Refux and Clam Chow Her

Dry Bag Required? Probably a good idea
Shiggy Factor: 8-10… less water if it’s really cold, but expect little pavement/sidewalks
PI Factor: 10+
Dog friendly? Its possible, but wouldn’t be nice to the dog.
Stroller friendly? No

Bring: Your ID, a Vessel, a Virgin, and $5.

On-After: TBD

NOTE: This will be a SHIGGY HASH!!! The Harlots want one, we got one! Come join the Trail Master and his evil minion in the year’s first Shiggy-Fest! Bring stout footwear, a dry bag, and your constitution! May not wade too deeply in the water if it’s too cold, but expect damp, mud, beer, sticks, weeds, trees, beer, possible wild animal sightings, beer, and possible wild hasher sightings.

C’ville folk, hit us up on our google group, or comment on this post if you are interested in carpooling.


Green Nuts & Ham

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