CHHH Hash #400!!!!! Friday OctoBEER 15th!

What: 400th run for cHARLOTtesville. This will be a SILVER anniversary pub crawl hash; come dress in your best SILVER decor of your choosing. One example might be for those of you who can pull it off SILVER bodypaint. So all of you hashers who have not been out in a very long time this is the hash for you to celebrate with some new and familiar faces. No shiggy or water but there will be dance breaks and singing.

When: Friday OctoBEER 15th, at 7.30pm; pay your own way

Hare: Everyone; while this will be a pub crawl and stroller friendly we will be laying a trail for you to follow so wear comfortable shoes(it may be some distance between bars).

Where: South Street Brewery, 7.30pm

Why: Because its the 400th run for CHHH and you know you need to be to celebrate

Details: Bring a virgin, Bring a flashlight, Bring your ID


On-On, Kiddie  434-409-3157 call or text 🙂

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