Hash #395 – Wed. Aug. 25th – Full(ish) Moon Pub Crawl/Social

Hey Wankers! Here are the details for Wednesday’s Hash:

Hash #395 Full(ish) Moon Pub Crawl – Wear your favorite wolf shirt!

From the classic single wolf to the elusive 4 wolf design, if it has a wolf on it wear it. Don’t have a bitchin’ wolf shirt? Make one, or wear anything wolf related: Timberwolves, Teen Wolf, Steppenwolf, Airwolf, Wolfmother, Duran Duran, and yes Kiddie you can even wear your “Team Jacob” shirt.

When: Wednesday August 25th 7:30pm (Yes, we know the full moon is on Tuesday, but we’re too lazy to shift the hash a day forward. So like usual we’re a day late and a dollar short.)

Where: St. Maarten Cafe

Why: Because, hashing + wolf shirts = double awesome!

On On!


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