Pig Roast – May 29th

11th Annual Pig Roast

This is not a hash event, but it is a cHARLOTtesville Hash tradition to attend.

OK boys and girls the ELEVENTH annual PIG ROAST is going to happen. It will be at the Lodge again this year on Saturday MAY 29th at noon. This year we want to bring it back to its roots. The basics of every one of our Pig Roasts have been a pig, a band, everyone bringing a bottle of booze, and hours and hours of fun. By ‘we’ I mean the core group that works so hard and spends tons of time and their money to make this happen. We hope you can all make it and this year as always we ask that you bring a bottle of alcohol, a bunch of friends. “We cook the swine, you bring the wine.” If you want to help out by bringing some side dish, some supplies we need, or just to drop us a couple bucks to help out, get in touch with one of us soon.

All the details can be found at www.eatapig.com

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