Hash/Cookout #386 Saturday April 24th

UPDATE: Meeting at the Zion Crossroads Lowe’s parking lot! Questions/Lost: call Kiddie 434-409-3157, or Green 434-996-8129.

Who: Hares Stuff’d N Cuff’d
Where: Zion Crossroads US Rt.15 (meet up/parking location to posted Thursday)
When:April 24th 4:69pm
Why: Hash, Golden Beverages and Food need I say more.
Other things you should know: COSt $5, Bring ID, Since we are not
close to a bar the On In will be at my place. I will be grilling out
after the hash most likely burgers and brats. IF you want to EAT at
the cookout you MUST RSVP at the hash google group AND be kind to
share/bring a little dish to share. I have NO and I am NOT planning on
any Reindeer games at the cookout, so if you have some Reindeer games
that’s cool. I will have SOME beverages (if any are leftover from
Hash) so if you want something in particular bring it. Also if a lot
of you get dirty and want to shower/clean up before any of your late
night plans there is a club house with showers very close to my

Stuff’d N Cuff’d

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