St. Patty Day Pub Crawl Wednesday March 17th

What: St.Patty Day Pub Crawl/Green Dress Run: So we have done a St.
Patty’s Day Hash before; this time we are using it for a little self
promotion. Now MisManagement(Póg mo thóin!) does not think we have it
in us to pull it off, but I think we do. So we are hashing with
everyone in a Green Dress. Now if you choose not to wear a green dress
you CAN still come out.

Who: Larkin trail. All Wankers are Hares; this will be your chance to
lay part of a trail if it has been awhile.

Where: Wild Wing Café 6:35pm

Why: B/C it’s the day everyone is Irish

Other things you should know: Bring ID, you will be paying your own

Stuff’d N Cuff’d
Éirinn go Brách

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