Wow. For those of you who made the decision to forego this run I can only say that you chose poorly. Not only was it one of the most gloriously beautiful days I have had the pleasure of hashing on, but it was just an all out fun pack and trail. The pack started with Captain Spewert ( with dog in tow) and Green Nuts. With the snow the day before we were not sure what kind of turnout to expect, but the roads were fine and show up they did. As the hashers poured out of the vehicles we were joined by a great group of mostly virgins. There was NFHN: Isabella, Tanya, Jessica, Renee, Rebecca, Mary, Julie, Meg and two dudes who I really cannot remember their names, but were cool. Three of them had heard about the hash and hashed while touring Europe with a modeling agency and the others were just some crazy friends they met at some club in Richmond the night before. The hash began at shelter #1 and I live hared across a field in six inches of Virgin snow. I really did not even have to use my blue chalk, all you had to do was follow my footprints. I took trail directly across the park, tthe railroad tracks and onto the golf course where I had two inner tubes and a thermos of hot chocolate and Baileys waiting on top of a hill. There I waited for the pack because I figured it would be fun to snow tube with everyone and I thank the hash Gods for that decision. I placed a slalom course of beers down the hill and when the pack arrived the fun began. It started as a cool beer check and led to …nearly the best check I have been involved with, second only to a jello wrestling check we once had at my house. I will not go into details, but I will simlpy say “clothing optional tubing ROCKS!!” those were some crazy hashers. After drinking the check dry I decided to run trail straight back to the shelter and start a kick ass fire in the fireplace where we dried what clothes did get wet and unfroze the frozen parts. During the circle I believe people drank for certain violations and things of that nature. We taught our new friends all of the songs and had some very spirited sing alongs. When ‘Swing Low’ eventually came the hash went in peace and the hash got a piece
Let’s hope these new hasher return. What a great day for a hash

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