Trash 375

It was a great day for a hash. Everyone was getting soaked even before chalk talk ended. Surprisingly we had a nice little turnout. To the best of my, clouded from the night before, memory we had 11 hashers show up.
Hare-Green Nuts and Ham
Stuff’d and Cuff’d
Madame Flutterby
St. Beatadick I
NFHN Casey
Kiddie Muncher

We started out at Cobbs pizza place. We splashed through the puddles on a live trail laid by Green. The flour was barely visible at times due to runoff, but our young pack was ambitious to find the golden deliciousness.  The trail led us around near Albemarle High School (I could smell we were getting close). We had a beer check on a trail of some sorts where I thought ZamBONEme was gonna puke. We managed to get lost for about 15 minutes on a great false trail. We pulled the pack back together and pushed on. The trail went back behind Cobbs where we did our On-In. Circle was short due to conflicting football games (get a DVR) but we introduced the virgins to down downs and welcomed them to the hash. Another awesome hash in the books (Oh wait we don’t have a book). See yall next week.  On-On, kiddie

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