Hash 374 is in the books. Well technically it is not in THE book because the sign up book was left at a bar a few weeks ago so we must rely on oral tradition.
This brave and foolish group came out on a wonderfully cold and soggy day to run this trail. My original plan was to lead the pack across the river and through the woods, but as I laid trail down there the crossing was raging rapids. That led me to some great sneaker sucking muddy swampland and then through some pretty good shiggy. When the pack finally came in was freezing and out of beer because my dry bag and the beer were locked in a car. We had a quick circle then we all went to Durty Nelleys to dry off by the fire.

2 thoughts on “HASH TRASH 374

  1. JOE VANDYKE says:

    Distances vary. I would say average is a couple miles and it takes an hour or so. Speed? That varies too, There surely are SOME SLOWER people. Come out and see for yourself.

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