Hash #373, Sunday January 10th 2010

Alright wankers, we are still going strong with our collective new years resolution to actually have a hash every sunday! and this trail will be sure to thrill you, chill you (literally), and fulfill you (with beer!)

Where: 109 Harvest Drive (In Huntington Village)
When: Sunday January 10, 2010. @ 12:69. (1:09 pm)
Who: NFHN Katy, and In God We Thrust.
How: same as always. $5 unless you are a virgin. if you are a virgin the first time’s free.
Why: Its sunday, and its the best time you can have with your clothes on!

as always, it would probably be good to bring a dry bag, and to dress warm. (according to our friends at the weather channel, it is going to be cold cold cold.)

if there are any questions call In God We Thrust at (540) 520-8691.

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