Trail #609 Wednesday 08/02 Hash-Warming Trail and Cookout

We sort of just moved in our new place, so we’re hosting a trail and having a hash-warming party! No stupid theme. Here is all you need to know:

Hare: Ass Juices (I’m just his bitch secretary. I will not be haring…)

When: Wednesday 08/02 6:15pm Hares away at 6:45pm.
Where: A.J.’s and Fanny’s new digs (if you need the address email the group
Shiggy Level: 3-3.5. Mainly woodsy areas. Wear shiggy socks and prepare for some moderate shiggy.

Other Info: 
– Trail is A-A starting and ending at our house, so please be mindful of our neighbors and their families before deciding to skinny dip in the 6′ deep creek out back.
–  No never-leave-campers at our house during trail. If you don’t want to do trail but want to hang out later, then have someone text you after trail has ended.
– Seriously… Bring a fucking dry bag with some shoes and dry clothes and towels and shit. You’re welcome to leave dry bags locked in our house before trail starts. No wet shoes or gross hashers in the house.
Oh… and the on after will be a Hash-Warming Cookout at our new place
We’ll have some burgers we will be sharing with everyone, but please bring your own food to grill if you plan on grubbing down hard. I’d also encourage bringing non-hash beer/beverages to liven things up!
Also- Bring $5 hash cash, virgins, cranium lamps, butts, and more butts.

See you silly wankers Wednesday!

– Bear Back Fanny Packed (AKA bitch secretary)
– Lazy-Ass Juices (Learn to type a fuckin’ email, AJ!!!)