Trail #621 – Sunday, February 24th

Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, our asses shall rise from our couches... and we shall hash again!!! What: Trail #621 When: Sunday, February 24th, 1pm (Hares away at 12:69, don’t be late!) Where: McIntire Park Picnic Shelter #2 ( Why: (a) to promote physical fitness amongst the members (b) to get rid of … Continue reading Trail #621 – Sunday, February 24th

Santa Pub Crawl – Dec. 15th

What: Santa Pub Crawl Who: Kiddie Muncher and Stuff'd N Cuff'd When: Saturday 15th @ 6.36pm Where: Star Hill Park Why: B/C its that time again to help assist Kiddie in decorating the Harlots Christmas tree and to go caroling hash style, and to sip on that warm glogg Other Things to Know: Wear comfortable … Continue reading Santa Pub Crawl – Dec. 15th


What: We got Trail! When: Wednesday August 15th, 6:00pm, hare away at 6:30. Where: Three Notch'd Brewery, 520 2nd St. SE Why: To promote fitness, to acquire a good thirst and satisfy it in beer. No hash cash, bring an ID and money to buy your own shit. See you then! On on, Plan B