Superb Owl Trail! FeBREWary 2nd

What: Superb Owl Trail/ Plan B’s 5 year cHARLOTtesvilles analversary trail.  When: Superb Owl Sunday - February 2nd at 12:30. Hares away at 1:00.  Where: House of Green B - 1005 Ashby Place, Cville. Other important stuff: Bring a virgin to trail and you both pay no hash cash!  On after super bowl party starting around 6! Bring … Continue reading Superb Owl Trail! FeBREWary 2nd

Trail #629 – Happy New Beer! Sunday, January 12th

Hashy New Year Wankers! New year, new trail! Get ready for the first C’ville Hash trail of the decade! Or at least I think it’s the start of the decade... I haven’t really put much research into it... just like this shitty trail. - Sunday, January 12th 11:69 (12:09) - IX Art Park parking lot on the … Continue reading Trail #629 – Happy New Beer! Sunday, January 12th

Trail NovemBEER 10th – Basic Bitch Trail

Mountain Dew Me’s Final Basic Bitch Trail   Hare(s): Mountain Dew Me and maybe a co-hare   When: Sunday Nov 10th, Gather at 1:30pm - Hares away at 2pm   Where: Start and finish at Fontaine Research Park (approximately around 560 Ray C Hunt Dr, Charlottesville, VA 22903). Perhaps an on-after if we are feeling super Basic!   Why: Because … Continue reading Trail NovemBEER 10th – Basic Bitch Trail