RAMBO TRAIL 12/06/15

Let’s show our founding hash father some ram-bonerly love!

When: Sunday December 6, 2015
Since the amount of daylight on this day will be shorter than all of our boners combined: On-Out no later than 1515 hours. So get there at least by 1469 (aka 1500 for you prudes)– (I’m too lazy to do the math to convert from military time)

From the center of Charlottesville, follow Barracks Road out of town (west towards the Blue Ridge mountains). This becomes Garth Road. Follow this to the Piedmont Store in Whitehall, go around the curve to the right onto Rt. 810 (do not go straight up to Sugar Hollow), Follow Rt. 810 for 7.8 miles and parking area is on the left.  Approximately 45 minutes from Charlottesville.

6610 Blackwells Hollow Road, Crozet, VA 22932

Shiggy: moderate

Elevation gain: ball-buster

Bodies of water or wet swamps/marshes: little to none

Dog-friendly: yes, as long as they do not get underfoot and are on leashes.

Bring hash cash, virgins, shiggy socks, and cranium lights

So tuck your chubs up under your belt, and cum on out for a good ol’ fashioned Rambo Trail!


Santa Hash for Charity, 12/12/15

What: The Analual Santa Crawl
Who: Kiddie Muncher and Stuff’d N Cuff’d as we lead this Jolly group to the next tacky light show.
Where: somewhere in cHARLOTtesville TBD
When: Dec.12th TBA
Why: Help Kiddie decorate his version of Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree; and of course to drink and go caroling hash style..
Other things you should know: All are welcome so bring many virgins, comfortable shoes, Bring ID, pay your own way. No Hash Cash
Details: We will be in search of tacky holiday lights as we hash throughout a lucky cHARLOTtesville neighborhood. We will hit fewer bars this year, so  the hares will provide tasty shots as well.


Please bring a new unwrapped toy or a cash donation.


Beaver Social 11/25/15


What: the BEAVER Full m00n Social. That’s right this full m00n is named Beaver!
Who: All of you sorry wankers, we given all the old wankers that have not been out in a many a full m00n plenty of notice to make it out
Where: Wild Wing Cafe
When: Wednesday Nov. 25th 6.38 pm
Why: B/C its the BEAVER full m00n
Other things you should know: Wear your favorite BEAVER… shirt or wolf shirt. From a Oregon State University Beavers tee, to a Beavers Rock or Save a tree eat a beaver tee. For wolf you have the classic single wolf to the elusive 4 wolf design, if it has a wolf on it wear it. Don’t have a bitchin’ wolf shirt? Make one, or wear anything wolf related: Timberwolves, Teen Wolf, Steppenwolf, Airwolf, Wolfmother, Duran Duran. Bring ID, pay your own way.

Hash 554, November 8th


Heeeey Wankers!

Since we’re now in the swing of the Fall season, you know we’ve gotta have a Basic Bitch trail…with PUMPKIN SPICE EVERYTHING. Expect some friggin’ delish shot checks. Expect awesome pumpkin spice themed snaxxx.
What is a Basic Bitch? The simple definition is a girl who thinks she’s super cool/amazing/unique/exciting but is actually extremely boring/normal/stereotypical. Since Charlottesville is home to UVA, may I suggest dressing as the college addition of a basic bitch: Ugg boots, leggings as pants, huge sunglasses and North Face jackets are a good place to start. Feel free to branch out and come up with your own interpretation of a basic bitch.
This is Aunt Mildred Eater’s first time haring so this is a naming trail! Think of some juicy questions.
Here are all the deets – see you basic bitches soon!
Hares: Aunt Mildred Eater and Handy Snaxxx
When: Sunday Nov 8th at 3 pee em
Where: University of Virginia Investment Management (in Fontaine Research Park) 560 Ray C Hunt Dr #400. We’ll park in the lot on the side of the building.
Length: 3ish miles
Shiggy: 2.5/5
What to Bring: $5, vessels, virgins, HEADLAMPS
On After: Fry’s Spring Station
On-On you FFs,
Handy Snaxxx

the Great Pumpkin Hea… Err… Helmet-Full Moon-Halloweenie Hash Oct 25th

Hare: Balltease Falcon

Date: Sunday Oct 25th

Time: 3 PM gather, hare away sometime after
Start: 2483 Proffit Rd. (balltease Falcon’s and Incumming’s house)

Bring flashlight, camp chair, meat to grille, and virgins.
The will be a bon fire, grille, and a 1/4 keg from Barrel House Brewery.
Dog friendly hash.
Plenty of parking.
Inclement weather capable.
Wear a pumpkin helmet or a Halloweenie costume from: “It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.”  You may have the opportunity to trick-or-treat through some neighborhoods.

Pirate Hash, Sunday Sept. 20th

Arrr me beauties. Come out n’ celebrate the International Talk Like A Pirate Day with Capt Al’de Weighin and his First Mate Handy
Who: The Bildge Rats and Beer Wenches of the cHARLOTESville H3
What: A Pirate Expidition of Yar tails yet to be told
When: Tweeenteheth of September be meetn’ at Two Bells after High Noon (Sept 20, 2015 2:00 PM)
Where: 4105 Lewis and Clark Drive, Charlottesville VA 22911
Why: To quench your thurst for adventure on the High Seas (likely with Heavy Seas Beers)
How Much: Just 1 Gold Doubloon – but if ya an’t got one of dem a’round the $5 US Dollars will suffice 

Trail be circumnavigating it’s way back to where’n it began if’n the Capt can survive the treacherous waters and bring us back to port alive (A to A)! There will be a trail for the lollygagen landlubbers whos can’t take the perils of the jungles and black deep waters (Walkers), and well as a path for hearty soles who do not mind a little adventure (Runners). There will be Grog (Rum concoction) and Beer on both trails.

Save your Fancy dress for if ya return and haven’t been claimed by Davey Jones Himself. Wearing anything on the journey that you mind getting shredded or bilge rot on would just be foolhardy. There will be a special treasure for the best pirate rags at the end festivities.ruming hash