The Green B trail 549, Sunday August 23rd

Listen up you wankers,

What: Trail 549, the Green B trail.
When: Sunday, August 23rd, 2015. 2pm.
Who: Plan B and Green Nuts & Ham.
Where: Ragged Mountain Reservoir.
Why: Because hashing is easy.

D’erections: From 64 east take exit 118B for 29 north, then take the Fontaine exit and turn left on Fontaine. Go under 29 and at the top of the hill take a right on Reservoir Rd. Follow signs for Camp Holiday Trails. Pass the lower parking lot for Ragged Mountain, stay right on Reservoir Rd. past the entrance for Camp Holiday. Follow Reservoir Rd until it ends in the upper parking lot.

For GPS inclined folks here is the map to Camp Holiday Trails, keep going past here to get to the parking lot:,-78.542906,15.17z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xdda1f80734647297

Text Green for further d’erections if necessary: 434-996-8129.

Bring shiggy socks, bug spray, a chair if you want to sit at the on after, food for grillin’. The hares may feel generous and provide some food but who knows really. On after at Plan B’s. Text Plan B for the address: 614-432-0787.

On On, bitches.

Trail 548, Rock’s Birthday Trail

That’s right, everyone.

Your girl Seaman Service is finally laying trail again. This time it is in honor of the esteemed Rock, Paper Strippers (my illustrious co-hare and world traveler extraordinaire) who is turning the big dirty 30 on August 15 and will be back in town!
In keeping with the dirty 30, please come dressed as your interpretation of dirty 30. Chimney sweeps, hobos, celebrities with dirtbag husbands and a brood of children, pedophiles, etc are all encouraged.
Hash and birthday party: Saturday, August 15th
Starting location St. Maarten’s 1400 Wertland St, Charlottesville, VA 22903
(Park in the Corner parking lot or street parking. You can also park at Zoo’s and take the trolly or inner loop to the corner)
Starting time: 2:69PM, on out 4PM
Trail will start and end at St.Maartens Cafe. Please bring $5, virgins with virginias, etc

Trail will not be a pub crawl but will not be crazy shiggy. Depending on how many show up, we may have another stop at a bar so bring ID.

We may end up at Zoos house later in the evening, as I think the game crazy make em ups may be played and we probably can’t make foil penises at St. Maartens. If you want to bring extra booze etc to help the game go “smoother”, feel free.

Wednesday trail


Hares: Bear Back Fanny Packed & Ass Juices

When: Wednesday, 08/05/15 6:69 pee em in Zoo’s Parking Lot (108 Clarke Court #2, Charlottesville)
Why: Because we want to celebrate the act of Injection of our Rh3 cousins! Bring a Pacifier to suck on or a bonnet to wear, a rattle to annoy us all with, or any ‘Infant Couture” to symbolize our inbreeding pride with our beloved neighboring kennels! The more “special” you look, the better! I might even just bring some SURPRISE INFANT COUTURE FOR ANYONE LACKING THE RESOURCES (hint: rhymes with HYPER)
Bring $5, virgins, your step-dad’s credit card, plenty of baby wipes.
-Bear Back Fanny Packed

Trail 546 Beefier the Better

Hash 546: The Beefier, the Better!
Hare: Booty and the Beef
When: Sunday Aug 2nd at 3 Pee Em
Where: 1801 Pireus Row Charlottesville, VA. Park behind the building so our tomfoolery is less noticeable.
Shiggy Level: shiggilicious. You’ll get wet – sopping wet
What to Bring: the usual suspects: $5, vessels, virgins
Why: cuz I gotta get me sum Harlot luvin’ before I leave for the West Coast!!!! Other kennels are also always welcum!
On After: TBD by group vote, whatever we’re in the mood for/haven’t been banned from yet.
Congrats to our newest named Harlot! Booty is now “Handy Snaxxx”

Hare Counts

If you are not a named hasher and start running with the Harlots you will

1) have made the best decision of your life

2) have the chance to get a hash name and a collar

The Harlots have the tradition of getting a dog collar with your name rather than a traditional hash necklace. You can receive a name after running 5 trails and haring 1, but sometimes naming can take longer. If you are already a named hasher, but you run 10 trails and hare 1 you can also earn a dog collar and be a proper Harlot Hound.

If you hare 5 trails or do 25 runs with us, you are eligible for a special patch or mug.

Hare Counts since trail 500 TDP

Trail 545 Sunday July 26th


Hear ye hear ye

I declareth a trail the good olde day of Sunday year of our Lord (Jesus Christ[May he live forever{Allelujah}]) 2015 July 26.

Harlots gather at 2:69 in the pee em

Food Lion
32 Mill Creek Dr.
Charlottesville, VA 22902

Time: Convene at 2:69 in the pee em
Standard shiggy level applies
It’s hot let’s get wet

Bring: $5, virgins, vessels, dry bags, clean panties
On after: whatever we want, I was thinking beer run

Hare is Vladamir Putitin


Trail 544


Who: Yolks on You

What: Trail #544

When: Monday July 20 5:69 pm
Where: Pen Park, 1400 Pen Park Rd
Why: Got to get a trail in before I go on a walkabout up the east coast to, y’know, find myself.
How: by the grace of god.
Shiggy: Yes please
on-after: firefly (1304 e market st)
there will be eggs.
11745495_10153137138868315_7426430500636179123_n 11201501_10153137139223315_4294257965677520451_n 11755671_10153137139488315_4964433425380577281_n 11742831_10153137139498315_4922622832046136217_n 11174799_10153137139688315_3331963861541026911_n 11755722_10153137139238315_5144602955023068561_n